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I have more than 10 years of experience in the software industry, the markets that I have participated in include: Japan, the US and Vietnam.

I have also experienced many positions in software projects: Developer, Tester, Quality Assurance, Business Analytics, especially many years with the position of Project Manager and Senior Manager.

I am currently working as a Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manager for a software company with more than 100 people.

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A - General introduction

At the time when they were still studying and sitting on school chairs, most of you did not pay attention and spend a lot of time on Excel. Partly because you don't know how we can apply Excel in our daily work.

When it comes time to go to work, you spend a lot of time processing work and are completely uncertain with what you do is right or not.

Almost 100% of businesses from the smallest to the largest need excel skills in candidates in positions of accounting, sales, data processing, bank staff, and management. At each different level, different levels of data processing are required. Effective use of Excel will help the work to be handled quickly, accurately, and with high efficiency.

However, in the current trend of working online, we need to set up or share data more quickly, so instead of using excel, we can use google sheet. See more why using google sheet is more beneficial than excel.

For those reasons, this course was created to address the need to improve Google Sheet knowledge for beginners and those who have learned excel/google sheets but have not yet mastered it. This course is a solid foundation for you to improve your self-study and study advanced knowledge under the guidance of experienced instructors in the field of training and management consulting. in businesses.

B - Requirements before taking the course

This course is suitable for those who have no knowledge or need to review Excel/Google sheet knowledge

Students need a computer with an Internet connection to take this course

Just have a gmail account

C - Target knowledge

Master one of the important skills to work with data in Excel/Google sheet

Master calculation functions and apply them effectively to work.

Get an intuitive view from your spreadsheet data and analyze your work in the easiest way

Understand the basic workings of Excel/Google sheets for advanced learning and mastery of the features


Part 1: Introduction to the study program

Lesson 1 | How to learn online on GGSheets21

Lesson 2 | Prepare for school, download materials, join a support group

Lesson 3 | How to get help from the instructor and discuss

Lesson 4 | Keyboard shortcuts in spreadsheet

Part 2: Overview of Google Sheet

Lesson 1 | Introduction to the spreadsheet interface

Lesson 2 | Introduce how to create files, and use the file tag in spreadsheet

Lesson 3 | Operations for opening and saving spreadsheets

Lesson 4 | Basic operations with data areas in spreadsheet

Lesson 5 | Basic operations with sheets in spreadsheet

Lesson 6 | Quickly move through a data area in a spreadsheet

Lesson 7 | Search data in spreadsheet

Lesson 8 | Search and replace data in spreadsheet

Lesson 9 | How to enter data in spreadsheet

Lesson 10 | Data types in spreadsheet and how to distinguish data types

Lesson 11 | Dynamically change the width of rows and columns in spreadsheet

Lesson 12 | Add columns, add rows in spreadsheet

Lesson 13 | Delete rows, delete columns in spreadsheet

Lesson 14 | Move rows and columns in spreadsheet

Lesson 15 | Hide rows and columns in spreadsheet

Lesson 16 | Format data in cells, line breaks [Warp Text] and line breaks in 1 cell

Lesson 17 | Function to merge cells in spreadsheet

Lesson 18 | Fix data with merged cells, merged cells in spreadsheet

Part 3: Basic formatting operations

Lesson 1 | Format headers in tables

Lesson 2 | Basic color formatting for spreadsheets, format painters tool

Lesson 3 | Format data with formulas and formatting tools in spreadsheet

Lesson 4 | Conditional color formatting in spreadsheet

Lesson 5 | Freeze rows and columns in spreadsheet with [Freeze Panes]

Lesson 6 | How to insert pictures in cells in spreadsheet

Lesson 7 | The data format is already available in the spreadsheet

Part 4: Data filtering functions

Lesson 1 | Basic introduction to data filtering in spreadsheet

Lesson 2 | Create filters for sheets, create separate filters for each account

Lesson 3 | Filter data by multiple columns

Lesson 4 | Filter data as text

Lesson 5 | Filter numeric data

Lesson 6 | Filter data by color

Lesson 7 | Filter data with formula

Lesson 8 | How to make a temporary column to filter more data in the data area of the spreadsheet

Lesson 9 | Use data filtering with the FILTER function in spreadsheet

Lesson 10 | Copy the filtered data to a new sheet

Part 5: Data validation - Controlling data when entering the spreadsheet

Lesson 1 | About [Data validation] in spreadsheet

Lesson 2 | Control text input

Lesson 3 | Digital input control

Lesson 4 | Control data selection by list available

Lesson 5 | Control data input by formula

Part 6: Security in spreadsheet files

Lesson 1 | Introduction to permissions in spreadsheet

Lesson 2 | Share files with read, write, view only permissions

Lesson 3 | Share sheet with read, write, view only permissions

Lesson 4 | Share data area in sheet

Part 7: Introduction to basic functions in spreadsheet

Lesson 1 | Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide

Lesson 2 | Functions COUNT, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE

Lesson 3 | Functions IF, IFS, AND, OR


Lesson 5 | String handling function in spreadsheet

Lesson 6 | Instructions to separate first name, last name and middle name in spreadsheet

Lesson 7 | Practice spreadsheets through real situations (BT#01)

Lesson 8 | Practice spreadsheets through real situations (BT#02)

Part 8: Advanced functions in spreadsheet

Lesson 1 | Functions related to time: DATE, DAY, MONTH, YEAR, EOMONTH, DATEIF, WEEKDAY, WEEKNUM, TODAY, NOW

Lesson 2 | Use the do function to find VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP

Lesson 3 | Limit data entry area with Data Validation

Lesson 4 | Using VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP in combination with [Data Validation]

Lesson 5 | Using Index and Match functions in spreadsheet

Lesson 6 | Practice spreadsheet with Index and Match functions (BT#03)

Lesson 7 | Instructions for using the FORECAST . function

Lesson 8 | Instructions for using the TREND . function

Lesson 9 | Error messages when using the function, how to use the IFERROR . function

Lesson 10 | How to use the COUNTIF function to count by condition

Lesson 11 | Sum by condition with SUMIF, SUMIFS . function

Lesson 12 | Instructions for using the SUMPRODUCT . function

Lesson 13 | Get data from multiple tables as a report

Lesson 14 | Instructions for using ARRAY FORMULA in spreadsheet

Lesson 15 | Using SUBTOTAL function in spreadsheet

Lesson 16 | Using the OFFSET . function

Part 9: Conditional data formatting

Lesson 1 | Use the AUTO FILL tool to split data and process data quickly without formulas

Lesson 2 | Instructions for using [Conditional Formatting] in spreadsheet

Lesson 3 | Format data according to condition greater than or less than a number

Lesson 4 | Format data between a range

Lesson 5 | Color the cell with a value equal to another value

Lesson 6 | Color the cell containing the given character

Lesson 7 | Color unique, repeating data

Lesson 8 | Instructions to create Gantt Chart in spreadsheet for project management

Part 10: Analyzing data with Pivot tables

Lesson 1 | Pivot Table compare with normal formula

Lesson 2 | What is PivotTable?

Lesson 3 | How to create a Pivot Table

Lesson 4 | Update data for Pivot Table

Lesson 5 | Edit information display on Pivot Table

Part 11: Charts in spreadsheets, chart basics

Lesson 1 | Introduction to chart types in spreadsheet

Lesson 2 | Instructions for drawing charts based on available data or Pivot

Lesson 3 | Instructions for drawing LINE charts

Lesson 4 | Instructions for drawing COLUMN diagrams

Lesson 5 | PIE chart drawing instructions

Lesson 6 | Instructions for drawing the BAR . chart

Lesson 7 | Instructions for drawing some other charts

Lesson 8 | Instructions for creating [Sales Dashboard] dynamic reports with Pivot Table

Lesson 9 | Share chart report data from spreadsheet to internet

Part 12: Applying the learned parts to the human resource management problem on the spreadsheet

Lesson 1 | Introduction to human resource management and features required

Lesson 2 | Set up employee dashboards

Lesson 3 | Set up employee payroll

Lesson 4 | Set up employee timesheets

Lesson 5 | Color Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in the timesheet

Lesson 6 | Set up employee payroll at the end of the month


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